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Staying connected in a disconnected reality.

While we’re all going through a period of extreme uncertainty, isolation and difficulty – it can be tempting to completely switch off from the outside world.

While we’re all going through a period of extreme uncertainty, isolation and difficulty – it can be tempting to completely switch off from the outside world.

We’re sharing our top tips on how, as a digital marketing agency, we’re staying connected…and how other businesses can too.

Technology is your best friend.

Whether it’s via Slack, Zoom or good old WhatsApp, in this strange period of time, technology is the best friend you could ever ask for. And with an abundance of communication tools now readily available, there’s no excuse not to stay connected to your team and your beloved clients.

Regular catchups are equally as important for business updates as well as ensuring that all team members are on the same page and coping well. Plus, without the usual office interactions, it’s important to make an effort to build solidarity and maintain familiarity with colleagues.


Adapt to new ways of working.

It goes without saying that adapting to the ever-changing circumstances is fundamental to the success of businesses in every industry. Whether it’s taking services to Instagram live, going completely virtual or just adapting to remote working arrangements – we’ve all had to make some changes. Ensuring you’ve got the right collaboration tools and technologies in place will allow you to stay connected and remain productive.

You should also be updating your customers on what’s happening with your business as and when anything changes. By acknowledging any issues that they may have, you are more likely to come up with solutions on how to combat them. And while we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, there’s definitely no shortage of issues.

Don’t forget to entertain.

During lockdown, more than ever before, people are in need of entertainment. And while we aren’t suggesting you set up a streaming service to rival Netflix, you can still share content to keep people smiling. Could you host a virtual event to bring your customers together? Share quizzes or challenges as a bit of fun? Use the time to come up with some new video content? Get through the backlog of blogs you’ve been meaning to look at since the start of the year?

In the midst of this pandemic, the amount of content related to coronavirus can be somewhat overwhelming. So, consider the ways in which you can break up the seriousness by providing your audience with content that makes them feel just that little bit more connected.

Stay social.

While we can’t exactly stay social in the way we all (used to) know and love, we can take to the world of social media to connect with audiences. Use this opportunity to stand out during a difficult time, by sharing all the great things you’re doing during the pandemic. Perhaps you’re offering discounts to keyworkers, free consultations for anyone affected or donating 20% of profits to a local charity. Whatever your efforts in these unprecedented circumstances, shout about them.

If you feel like being one step ahead of the game, you could even gather insights on any concerns or problems people might be experiencing during the coronavirus outbreak by paying close attention to social media. When there’s something big going on in the world, you can almost guarantee that people will have taken to social media to talk about it. Staying constantly in the loop will ensure that you’re up to date with the latest trends and topics and how these might impact your target market.

With more people at home in front of their screens, perhaps now is the perfect opportunity to look at your digital marketing strategy? Use the down time to assess your approach, overcome any communication barriers and enhance your connection to others. So, stay visible, stay positive and stay connected.

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