Creating seriously scroll-stopping content

Creating seriously scroll-stopping content.

Creating ‘good’ content these days doesn’t quite cut it. Your content has to be undeniably scroll-stopping. For some, this comes naturally, but for others it’s easier said than done.

Creating ‘good’ content these days doesn’t quite cut it. Your content has to be undeniably scroll-stopping. For some, this comes naturally, but for others it’s easier said than done.

Let us walk you through some of the most effective methods of creating content that people will want to stop scrolling for.

With over 2.5 trillion posts on Facebook to date, 500 million tweets sent per day and more than 95 million photos uploaded to Instagram daily, we’re certainly not short of the amount of content that’s available to us. For consumers, this is great – but for brands, it proves a slight challenge. So, what exactly can you do to get people to notice you in a seemingly endless supply of content?

Data-driven insights are key for successful content creation.

As with any aspect of your marketing strategy, data-driven insights are key when it comes to content creation. Before coming up with any form of content – whether it’s an Instagram post, blog article or Facebook ad – you should be considering what exactly your audience wants to see from you. If your Instagram insights show that your audience engage more with videos than images, for example, then it makes sense for you to tailor your content strategy accordingly.

Data can come in useful in a number of ways – including increasing engagement across social media, discovering what type of content your audience like interacting with the most, and enabling you to get the right content in front of the right people at the right time. So…take advantage of it. If you haven’t already taken the time to analyse the data available to you, fear not, you still have time. Indeed, we have undertaken historical post analysis for clients whereby we’ve looked at data points across over 1000 Instagram posts with a view to identifying the best performing product/category/content/colour choices. We then used this data to inform our future content decisions.

Data has a better idea

Win your audience over with eye-catching visuals.

Multiply your communication skills by adding image and video to your content. Not only can images and videos help to illustrate your point and accompany your content, they can get people to stop what they’re doing and pay attention. In fact, videos have a 10x higher payoff rate than content that is purely text-based; videos can really bring your brand to life and, in doing so, engage people 10 times more than written content.

What is really important to bear in mind, however, is that you should only be using images or videos that serve a real purpose and are relevant. We’re all familiar with irrelevant (and unnecessary) stock photos that have clearly been added to social posts as an afterthought – so try not to be one of those people.

Give your audience a reason to stop and get involved.

To get an engaged audience, you must produce engaging content. It’s simple. Give your audience a reason to take action – whether it’s clicking on the unmissable offer in your ad, tagging a friend in your Facebook update or sharing your latest blog article. Leave your audience with questions to think about, stories to share or conversations to get involved with.

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Embrace the power of innovation.

Sometimes it can be easy to get lost amongst the billions of other pieces of content that are being shared at the same time as yours. But this is where innovation comes into play. Innovative ideas and solutions can make you stand out from the crowd. At ality, we’re always exploring and mastering the most innovative ways to help brands stand out and achieve digital sublimity. From hosting exciting Facebook Live videos to running interactive competitions to building engaging chatbots, we love a challenge.

Whatever comes to mind when you hear the word ‘content’, you can’t deny that exceptional content is essential for every brand. Content that gets people to stop scrolling and click, like or share is key. You might decide to create content that is funny, educational, satirical or sentimental – whatever it is, be sure to make it truly and utterly scroll-stopping.

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