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Paid social advertising

The paid social media agency that delivers every time.

Strategic social media advertising on the channels that will meet your business objectives.

Strategic social media advertising on the channels that will meet your business objectives.

The question is no longer should you be running social media advertising, but how to get the best from it. With years of experience helping SMBs and big enterprises too, why not let us help you too?

Our service.

We utilise social channels to help meet real-life business goals and objectives. Firstly, we create a clear paid social media strategy that’s aligned with highly targeted ad campaigns. We make social media pay, ensuring your budget works as hard as you do.

Media campaigns can be spread across all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn, you can reach audiences that may have otherwise never discovered your brand. It’s important to understand that organic social media is heavily restricted by the platforms, for fairly obvious reasons, they want you to conduct paid social media advertisements and boost your organic posts.

As a proven social agency, we know the importance of building your perfect audience and building up a picture of who they are, what are their needs, wants, interests and online behaviour is like. We’ll study your existing audience data to understand their demographic, interests and online behaviours. Using this information, we create social platform campaigns that we know will reach them on a personal level.

Positioning your product, service or message in a way that will immediately resonate. We’ll work together to establish suitable benchmarks and use key metrics to track performance, sharing the data that matters most to you. Success can be measured based on leads and sales volumes or on social signals such as likes, comments and shares.

Social media campaigns can vary from platform to platform, depending on your niche, so as a responsible marketing agency we deliver key marketing strategies that are tailored to each social network.

We are a cross-channel digital market agency, so we work closely with other marketing channels such as paid search and display to compare learnings and discuss upcoming campaigns, working so closely with the other departments means that we can ensure the most efficient digital strategy.

Paid social is such an effective way of not only increasing your brand awareness but targeting the right people, at the right time to deliver on your KPI metrics.

Facebook Ads Agency

Facebook ads.

From simple to sophisticated. Our ads reach the right audience, at the right time, in the right context.

Instagram ads.

With over a billion monthly users, Instagram is the perfect platform to visually engage your audience.

instagram advertising agency london
Snapchat ads

Snapchat ads.

For native vertical ads that reach a highly engaged mobile-first audience.

Twitter ads.

Twitter is where conversations happen, where the whole world engages and where your business should be found

Twitter Ads Agency & Twitter Ad Agency
Linkedin Ads Agency & LinkedIn Ad Agency

Linkedin ads.

Advertising on Linkedin can help B2B businesses of any size achieve their marketing goals.

Client reviews.

"Barry M is the UK's leading make up brand. Working with Ality is always a pleasure and we're delighted with the results we're achieving together. Highly recommended... unless of course you're another leading make up brand in which case, they're rubbish."Matthew Sweetapple, Barry M Cosmetics

"Ality have impressed with their knowledge in the digital marketing space. The team listened patiently to our evolving requirements and really demonstrated that they care about the success of my business too. They are professional, creative and come highly recommended if you’re looking for help with your digital marketing strategy."Daniel Coomber, Move Space London

"Ality manage the paid social and Google activity for our campaign 'There's A Beer For That'. They are professional and smart, increasing our reach and reducing our effective costs. They've done this through a smart data-led approach to content, codifying and optimising everything we do. We've been extremely impressed with their delivery and value."Jack Daniel, Beer & Pub

"Impressive understanding of our business and this is reflected in excellent paid search performance. They couple this with high standards of client service. I would happily recommend."Neil Scaife, Urban Exposure PLC


Q: Is ality just a paid social advertising agency?

A: No, whilst we are a paid social marketing agency, we cover all aspects of digital marketing, including SEO and content marketing, that complement any advertising campaign view with the aim of dominating page one of Google Search.

Q: Has ality won any awards as a paid social agency in London?

A: I’m glad you asked, yes we have and you can learn more about them here

Q: Is social media marketing different from paid social?

A: Social media marketing is a wider term used to describe the overall promotion of your brand, services and or products. There are multiple tactics that you can use to promote yourselves, paid social media is a specific vertical that delivers great ROI.

Q: Can you work with small businesses or just larger enterprises?

A: Yes can can! We work with many small businesses up and down the United Kingdom and also overseas in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Q: What would you expect a client’s Ad Spend to be?

A: Budgets wildly range, as do the margins for services and products, so outside of brand awareness campaigns, our social media advertising services are very much based on you, your needs, your requirements and any financial restrictions.

Q: Can you arrange lead generation via social media?

A: Yes 100%, we work with B2B companies that want a traditional lead generation process, either qualifying each lead within a Facebook form, for example, or funnelling them straight into a CRM, like Hubspot.

Q: Do social media ads work across multiple target audiences and ad formats?

A: Yes, part of our initial work is extensive research into audiences, demographics and a data-driven process, which ultimately helps formulate the specific ads and ongoing changes, which can be made almost in real-time. 

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