Music Gateway Case Study

Case Study: Exponential Organic Growth, Underpinned By Solid Foundation, Strategy & Growth Tactics

We took over the content marketing and SEO reins for Music Gateway in January of 2023.

We took over the content marketing and SEO reins for Music Gateway in January of 2023.

The brand had already seen good success with organic growth but wanted fresh eyes from an agency perspective to really ramp the numbers.

Music Gateway - SEO & Content Marketing Case Study by Ality

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With great foundations already built, we set out a core content marketing plan, which would include a good number of content clusters focused on Spotify, Industry Reviews and How-To content for musicians. This was aimed at helping further grow their brand authority and increase their existing keywords already ranking, but not yet on page one of Google.

Like all our clients, research into client competitors and keyword rankings is crucial. We conducted a comprehensive audit of their website, leaving no stone unturned. We identified a number of technical issues which we quickly resolved, increasing the site’s health in Google’s eyes.

Their blog had been running since 2013, so there was a lot of dead content still published, that had zero page authority or any backlink value, so we did a huge clear out, but more importantly processed re-optimisation tactics and added keyword re-alignment to all the existing content with page authority and some form of SEO ranking.

Google wants you to have your house all in perfect order, and having poor-quality content is a negative ranking factor that will hinder your overview rankings. Whilst it was a lot of legwork, the payoff was huge, helping old content rank on page one for the first time.

Let’s talk about some numbers. In January, before we got started, Music Gateway ranked for 154k keywords in the top 100 search results, and 3,914 were in the top 3 positions. These keywords were driving 211.9k organic traffic to their website. The USD PPC equivalent value for just the US traffic was $118k per month.

Music Gateway USA Organic GrowthWind forward 6 full months, blood, sweat and tears. We have delivered huge exponential success. Music Gateway now ranks (August 2023) for over 857k keywords, with 10,564 in the top 3 positions. Overall organic traffic is up to 960.6k per month, with an equivalent value for the US traffic set at $257k per month.

We have successfully grown Music Gateway’s organic traffic by over 5X in six months and 3X keywords in the Top 3 position. User acquisition has skyrocketed to over 38k registered users per month and is set to continue throughout the rest of 2023.

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