What is a manual backlinks service

What is a manual backlinks service?

A manual backlinks service is a type of SEO service where an agency will manually create backlinks to a website from various external sources.

A manual backlinks service is a type of SEO service where an agency will manually create backlinks to a website from various external sources.

Unlike automated or software-based methods, manual backlinking involves a more hands-on and personalised approach to building links.

Manual backlink services


You want to avoid automated backlinks, which are normally from PBNs (Private Backlink Networks) and these are very spammy, in fact, these can damage your Google rankings and Google may put a penalty on your website, depending on the level of spammy links you have to your website.

If some companies have automated the process in a link-building campaign, then you should be warned that compared to manual link-building techniques, you could be in major trouble.

Here's how a manual backlinks service would typically work.

Link Prospect Identification

The service provider identifies relevant and reputable websites or online platforms that are suitable for linking to the client’s website. They may use various methods, including industry research, competitor analysis, and niche directories.

Outreach and Relationship Building

The provider manually contacts the website owners or administrators to request backlinks. This process involves building relationships, explaining the value of linking to the client’s site, and ensuring that the link placement aligns with the website’s content and audience.

Content Creation

Sometimes, the service provider may create high-quality content that aligns with the linking website’s audience and subject matter. This content is often used as a means to earn the backlink naturally.

Link Placement

Once the website owner agrees to provide a backlink, the provider manually places the link on the agreed-upon page. This could be within a blog post, article, resource page, or other relevant areas on the linking website.

Diversity and Natural Linking

What is a manual backlinks serviceManual backlinking services often focus on creating a diverse and natural link profile for the client’s website. This means avoiding excessive use of exact match anchor texts, using varied linking domains, and ensuring that the backlinks appear in contextually relevant places.

Tracking and Reporting

The provider tracks the progress of the backlinking efforts and provides regular reports to the client, highlighting the acquired backlinks, their quality, and the impact on the client’s website’s SEO performance.

Manual backlinks services are considered safer and more reliable than automated or spammy link-building methods. They aim to build a strong and sustainable link profile that adheres to search engine guidelines and contributes positively to the website’s search engine rankings and authority.

However, it’s essential to choose a reputable and experienced provider to ensure the effectiveness and legitimacy of the manual backlinking efforts, like ourselves πŸ‘

Social Media Search Results

We get asked a lot of questions about social media and if this affects your SEO rankings and brand authority, well we can confirm it definitely is a ranking factor and of course, if someone is searching for your brand name, you want to dominate the search results.


As a full-service digital marketing agency, we have manual link-building services that help you increase your domain authority. Content marketing is key in this regard and acquiring guest posts and high authority, quality links is the way to go, quality over quantity for sure.

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