Our Top 5 Adverts of 2017.

Earlier this year, Account Manager Megan compiled her favourite ads of 2017 so far. Well, these are mine!

Earlier this year, Account Manager Megan compiled her favourite ads of 2017 so far. Well, these are mine!

Read on to see which adverts have caught #TeamAlity’s collective attention over the last few months, and why.

The 'thumb-stopper' - Young's 'Tap The App' advert.

Young's Free BeerWe’re constantly being told that the average consumer is time-poor, that this is the instant gratification generation, that marketing (especially mobile) needs to be optimised to stop scrolling thumbs. Well, Young’s, congratulations. We came across this work of genius in side bar format and, within two seconds, understood two things: free beer (yay!) and tap’s a pun (yay!). Who doesn’t like a free beer and a bad pun? We tapped that sh*t.

The 'audio-interactive' - ITV's both-sides-of-the-story Liar promo video.

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Credit: ITV

Ever been between two warring friends or a couple going through a bitter break-up? Everyone has – he said, she said, he said, she said – argh. And however hard you pretend to be neutral, you always secretly think one of them’s to blame. ITV’s new advert for series Liar uses this concept to tell both sides of a story, allowing you to listen to one voice at a time, depending on which headphone you’ve taken out. Interactive, relatable and amusing, it gives audiences an idea of what the show’s about and encourages them to pick a team before the series has even started.

The 'contextual product placement' - Netflix's Narcos stickers/coasters.

Netflix Narco's Ad

Credit: Netflix

After Pablo Escobar’s death, it’s fair to say most watchers were a bit doubtful about the next series. We all got so emotionally invested in the troubled, moustachioed legend that after his unceremonious end, we sort of suspected the next series would focus on the Cali Cartel, but we didn’t really care. Well, these brilliant stickers and coasters created for Netflix by agency DonerLA definitely caught our attention again. Placed on (ahem) “appropriate” surfaces in pubs, bars and clubs, this Class A merchandise puts the immense influence of the Cali Cartel into context, bringing home the effect they had on the world as we know it.

The 'self-aware and owning it' - Burger King's flaming restaurant photo adverts.

Burger King Restaurant Ad

Credit: Burger King

Err, yeah. After the initial what-the-bloody-hell-is-this (and after all, that’s a better initial reaction than no reaction at all!), we’ve decided we love these ads. Whilst hunting for an angle, American agency DAVID Miami discovered that Burger King held the record amongst fast-food chains for the most restaurants to have burned down since 1954, and used this to run a campaign proving that Burger King really do flame-grill their burgers. (Presumably, no staff were harmed in the making of these ads, or it’d all be a bit tasteless… okay, let’s leave it there.)

The 'everyone loves cat pics' - Whiskas's Big Cat Little Cat print adverts.

Whiskas Cat Food Ad Credit: Whiskas

People are fascinated by cats. This is not news. Of course, we love them when they’re being sweet, but we also love to watch them tipping over glasses, bullying dogs and generally being selfish, passive-aggressive little parasites. Every cat owner knows, deep down, that if their cat was bigger and stronger, human lives might be at risk; every cat owner has seen a hint of the wild animal their cat is not-so-distantly descended from. And that’s basically why there was no way this set of ads for Whiskas from Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO could fail to make an impression. Shot by renowned wildlife photographer George Logan, these pictures highlight the similarities between our ‘domestic’ cats and wild cats in a hilarious way, depicting cats chasing prey, hanging out with lions and more. It scooped silver at the Cannes Lions – we rest our case.

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