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Spotify ads: what’s the big deal?

Maybe you’re a premium user who’s unaware of Spotify ads, or maybe you’re familiar with having your experience disturbed.

Maybe you’re a premium user who’s unaware of Spotify ads, or maybe you’re familiar with having your experience disturbed.

Either way, Spotify ads are real. And they’re here to stay. Let us give you a rundown of everything you need to know about Spotify ads.

A crowd pleaser.

Not just limited to businesses within the music industry, the Spotify Ad Studio enables brands to ‘stand out in the moments that matter’. With 271 million worldwide users, there’s no denying that Spotify is a popular service. Plus, once you realise that 163 million of those listeners are ad-supported, it adds a whole new element to the world of digital advertising. With Spotify, listeners can select their favourite tunes and fully engage in the music they desire, instead of aimlessly choosing a playlist and letting the sounds disappear into the background. Knowing this, you’re faced with a huge number of potential listeners for ads.

Interrupting the flow.

We all know how annoying it can be when you’re in the zone, you’ve got your favourite playlist on, but then BOOM…an advertisement interrupts your flow. Let’s be honest – nobody likes an interruption like that. However, there are things you can do to ensure that any interruption you enforce provides value and a positive experience to listeners. Just like putting the time and effort into Facebook ads to make sure they’re reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right type of content – the same goes for Spotify ads. It’s imperative to understand your audience and their needs before targeting them, which we’ll move onto next…

Spotify ads

Targeting techniques.

Forget targeting solely by age, location and gender. With Spotify ads, general demographic targeting takes a back seat as listening behaviour steals the show. You can target your ads based specifically on what your ideal audience are listening to – including genre and playlists. Want to get your gym equipment in front of the people who will want to buy it? Target workout playlists. Fancy having your yoga studios found by potential clients? Target relaxation playlists. Get as creative as you like.

Time is on your side.

With the average Spotify user streaming content on Spotify for 148 minutes per day, there are certainly no shortage of ad opportunities. Increase exposure in between songs, after podcast episodes or at the end of playlists, and know that someone is listening.

You might wonder ‘why Spotify?’ instead of Facebook or Instagram ads. Ultimately, Spotify is just another platform that can put you in front of your target audience. However, its popularity is undeniable, and this poses somewhat endless opportunities. Plus, now that Spotify has announced it is bringing video to its self-serve platform (currently debuting in UK, US and Canada, with select advertisers in other test markets) – the question is no longer ‘why should I start using Spotify ads?’, but ‘how do I start using Spotify ads?’.

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