How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website.

Whether you have past experience or not, now is the time to actively use Pinterest to drive referral traffic.

Whether you have past experience or not, now is the time to actively use Pinterest to drive referral traffic.

In this short overview of the Pinterest platform, we’ll show you how to pin like a pro with our top 5 tips.

Pin value-oriented images.

If you are a contributor to a Group Board with a decent following, then it is expected that you will add pins that point to authoritative sites in your niche area. Use Pinterest’s Popular function to find what exactly is trending in your niche. Create content for these topics to grab additional eyeballs from the Group Boards.


Repinning is also a great way to provide variety to your audience with minimal labor. For those lacking the time or resources to always create new content, simply repin pins that are popular in your niche.

Sneak your own articles into pins.

You should not appear self-promotional while pinning your own content, however when you are pinning 20 images per day, one or two pins from your own site is tolerable. If a group has a following of 5000 and only two percent of people actually click your image pin, that’s still 100 visitors – not a bad output for a two-minute strategy.

Make your pins clickable for referral traffic.

Images with moderate saturation will attract the most clicks. Studies show images with 50 percent saturation receive four times more repins than those with 100 percent saturation. Pinterest recommends the use of high-resolution, professional-quality photographs and illustrations. Poorly lit, out of focus, amateurish images are a no-no.


Optimise pins for better clicks by pinning taller images.

Social scientist Dan Zarrella analyzed the data sets of 11,000 pins and found that taller images earn more clicks and repins. Though you have the option to follow a size that suits your style and branding, know that the ideal Pinterest image size is 735 x 1102 pixels.


Obtain higher click-through rates (CTR) by using relevant keywords.

Choosing the right phrases can be powerful for your brand. A research paper from Georgia Tech University studied about 2.9 million pins and 989,000 pinners to find out what words were most attractive to the common Pinterest user. These are some examples of a few that bring a majority of the traffic: DIY, unicode heart ( < 3), use, look, want, and need.

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