6 tips for brands exploring Facebook live streaming.

The proliferation of video content online is undeniable, as is the importance of having this medium as part of a balanced digital strategy.

The proliferation of video content online is undeniable, as is the importance of having this medium as part of a balanced digital strategy.

Facebook in particular has capitalised on this video trend, releasing Facebook Live in December last year. This latest development presents brands with new opportunities to reach their target audience with engaging content.

Here at Ality, we have used Facebook Live Streaming to drive awareness for Gladwell & Patterson during their exhibition at the Chelsea Flower Show. It could be some time before the most successful approach and best practices become clear. However this article offers 6 handy tips for brands exploring Facebook Live.

Promote beforehand.

Facebook automatically saves your video once the stream has ended and keeps it in your Facebook wall where it can still be viewed afterwards. Engagement from fans post-stream is important but your main goal should be to get people tuning in live. Facebook does give your fans a notification when you are live streaming, but promoting beforehand can help to deliver significantly more live viewers. Creating a post for this purpose gives your fans an engagement opportunity and it is possible that these fans will like and share your post, thus helping to deliver additional reach. The example below illustrates this point, the 27 shares that this post received meant that not only were the fans of the Facebook page informed of our live streaming event, but also the friends of fans too.

Facebook live streaming

Choose equipment wisely.

Your needs may vary depending on the aim and environment of your live streaming. While the nature of Facebook Live means you can take your phone out and start recording almost immediately, remember that this stream represents your brand with immediate effect. As we planned to live stream interviews with leading artists represented by Gladwell & Patterson during the busy environment of the show, it was vital that we understood our equipment requirements. From battery life and memory to tripods and audio equipment, think carefully about what you might need. On balance, the most essential piece of kit was our professional audio equipment. We would have struggled to achieve a crisp audio recording with the microphone on the device, failing to realise this beforehand could have rendered our efforts obsolete. Note that we recommend investing in wireless audio equipment if possible!

Below is a list of the equipment we use for our live streaming.

Item 1 Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone X2

Item 2 RØDE SC6 iPhone Accessory

Item 3 Tripod, PEMOTech 40″ Inch Aluminum Camera Tripod + Universal Smartphone Holder Mount

Internet connection.

For Facebook Live Streaming a strong internet connection is vital, without it your stream could become pixelated or even stop altogether. Again, not great for your brand. Believe it or not, 4G speed isn’t always available so do your best to visit the destination of your filming in advance. You’ll then get an understanding of connectivity and can explore whether Wi-Fi might be available. At Chelsea Flower Show, we purchased business Wi-Fi from the event organisers. We were streaming regularly throughout the week, so it made sense in our situation, however you’ll want to consider if a solution such as this is worth the investment.

Interviewing leading British landscape artist Martin Taylor live from Chelsea!

Posted by Gladwell & Patterson on Monday, May 23, 2016

Plan your content.

The nature of live streaming is that it is just that – live. This means mistakes cannot be unseen by viewers so a bit of preparation goes a long way. Think about camera angles as well as where and how to get the best shots. If interviewing forms part of your live stream, practice your questions and consider a basic script to guide conversation. At Chelsea Flower Show, we would arrange a convenient time and decide on a clear topic of discussion with each interviewee. To limit possible distractions, we would schedule our interviews when there were fewer crowds.

Repurpose and promote your saved video.

Facebook Live Streaming is a simple and easy way to create video content. Your work does not stop at the end of the live stream. You should now have excellent content to share with even more people and a great way to do this is to use the “boost” function on Facebook. Boosting allows you to push the video content to a specific audience. This can be a great way to gain new Facebook followers, as the audience should be somewhat interested in what you have to say. How much you spend can be defined by you. As little as £15.00 spent on boosting your video can result in thousands of additional views. Your settings here can make a big difference so give careful consideration to timings and scheduling.


Facebook video views analysis


As with all digital marketing strategies, analyzing the results is vital. Important metrics to consider are Likes, Shares and Video Views. You can also look at demographics, such as the split between male and female viewers. These metrics can provide insight into what your audience enjoys, which can inform your future strategy. This not only applies to future Facebook Live Streaming either but all other digital marketing activities.

To find out how you can implement Facebook Live Streaming into your strategy, feel free to get in touch with the team here at ality!

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